Enjoy an unforgettable Norwegian weekend


Dog Sledding

Go sledding with husky dogs in winter Takes 2hours and include a stop with bonfire and something hot to drink

Northern Lights ​

Kastneshamn is a very good place to watch the northern lights.
Since there are no street lights and general very low light pollution, you can enjoy the spectacular views from the balcony of your house.

Horses riding

Ride on horses in the beautiful nature of Troms.
Takes 1-1,5hours
winter tours

incredible adventures

Winter, northern Norway, warm currents of the Gulf Stream, northern lights, fjords — it’s time to think about kayaking, snowshoe hiking, cross-country skiing 


Wood Fired Hot Tub

Enjoy a refreshing bath with view over Kastneshamn and Dyrøysundet.

Grill Hut

Gather around the fire for a social time in hut whith big windows with view over Kastneshamn